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If you’re thinking of moving in 2019, then it’s essential that you choose the right removals company in London, that means one with an excellent reputation. For people who have houses with four or five bedrooms, you will require a suitable removal vehicle for your possessions. And even though this sounds like a relatively simple thing to sort out, many unreliable companies still send out the wrong vehicle, and your relocation is subject to delays. Fortunately, Anthony Ward Thomas has a range of removals services to cover every relocation scenario.

At Anthony Ward Thomas, we always advise our customers to start planning early and to make your first task book your relocation with us. It’s essential that you create a moving checklist that you consult on a regular basis throughout your move. Additionally, you should be actively reducing the things you’re relocating with by decluttering at every opportunity. Our team will also be available to offer advice to help you organise your relocation.

Choose the Right Home Removals Company –

One of the reasons you should start planning your upcoming move as early as possible is to ensure you book a reliable removals company. There are plenty of companies in London that state they can provide a high standard of service, only to deliver an unfortunate result. This exact situation is one of the reasons why Anthony Ward Thomas exists. Own director Anthony was unable to find a removals company that met the basic standards he considered to be necessary for relocation.

Anthony Ward Thomas dedicates a lot of time to ensure we deliver the highest level of customer service. For us, there is only one option – and that’s attaining one hundred percent customer satisfaction. This can only be achieved by offering a range of services and packages for our customers to choose from. By doing this, we can guarantee to be able to provide the necessary components to complete your relocation successfully.

To meet our high standard of customer service, we only employ experts with years of experience and specialist training. Every member of the Anthony Ward Thomas team understands that correct packing is crucial to preserving valuable and fragile items. Likewise, even the type of packaging materials we use is critical to maintaining the things we relocate. As a matter of fact, it’s this attention to detail that makes our customers trust us with their valuable possessions.

The Elite Packers and Movers in London –

The reason we describe our removals and storage services as elite is due to the additional packages and attention to detail our team provides. And the delivery of these premium removals services means going above and beyond what other companies can offer. At Anthony Ward Thomas, we have a specialist range of removals packages and services that can’t be found anywhere else in London. Each member of our removals team is experts in their field, often with years of experience in other related trades.

Our Piano Removals, Fragile Removals and Antiques & Fine Art Removals packages often involve handling valuable and sometimes irreplaceable items. We’re known as London’s prestige removals service, and these packages are an indication of why people often need to use our company. Moreover, we have a proven record of relocating valuable works of art and irreplaceable items of antique furniture.

Additional care when packing is essential when handling fragile items. Correspondingly, our specialist Packing service links into every core and specialist package we offer. We guarantee to safeguard your possessions against breakages during transit. And for customers who are moving fine art or antiques, you can understand why this would be essential.

Anthony Ward Thomas – London’s Number One Home Removals Service –

Relocating from a larger property entails a lot of planning and packing that also requires more attention to detail from your removals company. That’s why Anthony Ward Thomas employs professional packers and removals team members as standard.

Our clients need the assurance that their valuables will be safe from damage or breakages when in transit. And this means using the correct packaging and placement of items in the removal vehicle. Furthermore, Anthony Ward Thomas offers an unbeatable level of removals service that other companies in London can’t compete with.

We have a fleet of removal vehicles available which can cater for every relocation situation. If you’re busy organising your upcoming relocation, make sure you book with London’s prestige removals for your larger home removals.

Anthony Ward Thomas is London’s prestige removals and storage company. We provide the best level of service to people in London and the surrounding areas. Contact us today, and we’ll discuss our range of services.