Additional Planning When Relocating with Arts & Antiques

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When booking a service such as a relocation or organising storage, customers in London expect high standard for their money. This is especially true for Anthony Ward Thomas clients who require the very highest level of customer service. It’s all about requirements matching standards, and the typical Anthony Ward Thomas customer may well have high value items. And for homeowners with pieces of art or antiques, you need a removals company with a proven track record.

Anthony Ward Thomas works with customers who are unable to trust anyone other than us with their possessions. We have a range of core and specialist services that can’t be beaten or found anywhere in the capital. Londoners from affluent areas need the pedigree that comes with being London’s prestige removal and storage provider. Don’t risk your belongings by using an average or cheaper removals company. Your valuables deserve the Anthony Ward Thomas treatment.

Tips for Packing and Moving with Antiques & Art Pieces –

Anthony Ward Thomas has a core range of services that cover the basics for removals and storage. Then, we have a second tier of specialist packages that you won’t find anywhere else in London. And one of these is our Antique & Fine Art service. Our team are adept in using the right packing materials for specific items. For instance, we know that certain types of packaging can damage paint which would be a catastrophe.

We also have a Fragile and Piano Removals service that have similar levels of expertise in use. Items such as porcelain vases or chandeliers can be easily broken during handling and in transit. This means that the positioning of an entire load of furniture must be correct during the packing process. Our Piano Removals service is precisely what it sounds like, which sounds very simple. But if you were to ask someone who has a grand piano, they’ll attest to the difficulty when trying to move home with one.

Extra care when packing is critical when handling fragile items. Our Packing service links into every core and specialist package we offer. We guarantee to safeguard your possessions against breakages during transit. And for customers who are moving fine art or antiques, you can understand why this would be essential. It’s a combination of using the correct packaging, as well as determining the right position in the removals van.

One of the main reasons many of our customers choose to use our company is our ability to relocate valuable and potentially irreplaceable items. And from experience, this is a rare statement to make. That’s because it takes years of experience, the right tools, expert team members and lots of planning to pull off. Furthermore, it takes a lot of planning and assessment before the moving day, and you won’t find a more thorough removals company than Anthony Ward Thomas.

Why Planning Early Will Reduce Relocation Stress –

It’s crucial that you follow a plan when relocating to ensure that you don’t leave anything until the last minute. The week before you move, you’ll need to notify your council of your date of departure to prevent any council tax or rates bills. You can repeat this for all your gas and electric providers and important contacts, such as your bank.

It’s also a good idea to get rid of any furniture and appliances you no longer use. The fewer things you move with will allow you to start life in your new home without any clutter. That also means you should get Anthony Ward Thomas in to give your home a deep clean. AWT Cleaning is London’s premium professional cleaning company, and we’ll do all the dirty work for you.  You can also repeat this when you arrive at your new home, so you can start any redecorating in a sparkling clean property.

We’ll repeat this advice again – you need to start planning and organising your relocation as early as possible. Whenever we hear a horror story about a relocation, most issues could have been solved well in advance. Rather than leave anything to chance and create more stress, be proactive today and start putting together a moving checklist that applies to your circumstances. And once you book with Anthony Ward Thomas, you’ll have all the assistance you’ll need for a successful relocation.

Anthony Ward Thomas – London’s Number One Specialist Removals Service –

At Anthony Ward Thomas, we believe that offering various service options only works when each service has a specific function. That’s why Anthony Ward Thomas is known as the prestige removals and storage company. In addition to the core packages, we are able to offer specialist services that no other company in London can.

Customer service is the foundation of Anthony Ward Thomas. Our company began with an ambition to provide a high standard of service that wasn’t available previously. That means having a range of services that our expert team deliver to perfection. Every aspect of your relocation has consulate planning and deadlines set to ensure we meet our own high standards.

The main reason people use us is our ability to take care of their valuable belongings when in transit. When our customers book with us, they have the peace of mind that we will pack everything correctly and handle with the utmost care and attention. You can see what our previous customers think of us by reading our online reviews.

If you’re relocating with fine art or antiques, then you only need to contact Anthony Ward Thomas. We have the right removals package to suit your requirements and safeguard your valuable possessions.