A High-Quality Removals Experience in London

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If you’re planning a relocation, finding a removals company online that operates in London is the easy part of the process. The hard part is sorting through them all to find the best providers. Rating platforms and review sites provide valuable insights for this task. But are there any removals companies which provide high-end relocation services?

To find a removals company with premium services, it’s worth doing some additional digging. It does add to your to-do list, but the extra effort is worth it. Find one with mostly five-star reviews and visit their website to see if they look legitimate. If you can find a range of core and specialist packages, you’re on the right track for a successful relocation.

A Guide to High-Quality Removals in London –

One of the advantages of living in a city like London is you’re spoilt for choice for just about anything you can think of. Whether it’s ordering your favourite international dish or finding a plumber at 10-pm, you undoubtedly discover what you’re looking for. This is no different for anyone who’s planning a relocation – there are lots of companies operating in the capital.

While more options are helpful for people, it does present an issue – how do you know you’ll receive a high standard of customer service? It’s an important point to consider for people who have specific requirements a typical removals company would struggle to cope with. This might be moving a grand piano from a top-floor apartment or transporting unique art pieces.

In some circumstances, the items in question might be difficult or impossible to replace. That means you have one opportunity to get everything right. Even the slightest miscalculation when arranging each object in the moving van can cause damage. If you’re planning a relocation and some of this applies to you, it’s necessary to book with a reputable removals company.

Anthony Ward Thomas provides a high-quality removals service in London, and we deliver the highest standard of service delivery for every job. We’ll go through our packages in more detail to give you a better idea of what goes into a high-end removals service.

Premium Man & Van London Removals –

At Anthony Ward Thomas, we regard our range of removals packages as premium services, and we have no issues making this reference. But what does this actually mean? It’s true that any company can drop this phrase, even if they can’t back it up. This isn’t a problem for us, as we have a proven and long track record for the high-quality of our removals services.

Our version of a man and van service is called Small Moves, and its stands out from similar packages because the professionalism and quality guarantee. Every man with a van job comes with a minimum of two of our expert removal’s team to do all the hard work. And we charge by the hour, so you don’t pay over the odds for day rates.

Typically, this works best for people moving from one or two-bed properties with fewer items. The Small Moves’ vans make things easier to park and load, especially in the city centre. A lot of London’s auctioneers use this service because our team can handle art, antiques, furniture, and valuable objects professionally.

The finer details are where the battle for superior customer service is won or lost. At Anthony Ward Thomas, every aspect of a relocation is important, and there are no cutting corners. We know that small things matter because they can soon cause issues. Our relocations come with a Quality Policy, giving our customers an additional level of customer care.

Superior Large Home Removals Available –

The vital ingredient for any high-quality removal or related service is assessment. It’s essential that we know what our customer’s exact requirements are so that we can create a unique service. What’s your situation? Where are you moving to? How can we make your life easier with our Large Removals service?

Once we cover these points, we can create a detailed plan for your relocation, and we’ll assemble a specialist team to carry each job out. That’s what makes our removals services superior because we tailor them to your needs. Our customers are safe in the knowledge that their possessions are being handled by experts who have the correct equipment on-hand to perform every type of removal job.

Anthony Ward Thomas has a fleet of removal’s vehicles ready in various sizes, from man with a van and up. This means there’s no relocation we can’t accommodate, regardless of how big or small the job is. And for anyone moving from a three-bed house and up, our Large Removals service can do everything in one journey.

Fragile and Fine Art Removals in London –

For anyone who owns or works with fine art and other potentially fragile pieces will understand how precarious and stressful moving can be. That’s why thousands of people and businesses choose to work with Anthony Ward Thomas. They know we have the expertise and knowledge to handle and pack valuable items without the risk of damage occurring.

We regularly transport antique furniture, chandeliers, high-end artwork, grand pianos, and other niche pieces. Each object has a specific method of packing before loading begins as well as unpacking at the new location. That’s why we’re the go-to company for private collectors, high-end galleries and auction houses in London and the South of England.

Anthony Ward Thomas has a set process for packing and loading fragile items, both for removals and when putting things into storage. We have a plethora of packing materials at our disposal, which you can purchase from our online store here. Our team will position everything in the removal’s van in a set order to eliminate any contact between boxes during transit.

Ultimately, we don’t get second chances to get it right when it comes to art and fragile pieces. It needs to be perfect from start to finish, which is why people trust our company. They know that every single item will arrive in perfect condition.

Excellent Self Storage and Container Storage –

Whether you’re moving to a new home or need extra space, storage provides the ideal solution to various situations. There’s no safer or more secure way to protect your belongings than using storage. Anthony Ward Thomas has several storage options to choose from, catering to domestic and business customers.

The two packages we’ll focus on in this section is our Household Storage and Self Storage services. If you need long-term storage, then the best option is Household Storage. This utilises a container which we’ll transport out to your location. Then, we’ll pack, load and return the full storage unit to our secure depot.

Container storage is the cheapest storage option, but there are some access limitations. For people who need regular access with no restrictions, self storage is probably more suitable for your needs. You can use your self storage unit whenever you want during our opening hours, which is why a lot of entrepreneurs and start-up enterprises like this service.

Regardless of whether you need storage for two weeks or six months, we have the right package to suit your requirements. Our facilities have top-notch security measures, including twenty-four-hour CCTV monitoring throughout our branch.

A Dedicated Packing and Crate Hire Service –

To further bolster our impressive range of core and specialist removal services, we now offer a Crate Hire service. People and businesses in London can now give their belongings and work items an additional level of safety from damage during transit. This includes:

  • Full crate hire service available
  • Crates of every shape and size for any purpose and in any number
  • Crates delivery option available
  • Crate collection service
  • Bespoke crates created for special items
  • Crate packing service available on request
  • A range of removals services available for domestic and business relocations
  • Secure short or long-term commercial storage available for all items

We have crates available to safeguard any item, regardless of the size or handling requirement. This includes computers, electronic equipment, office furniture, household objects, fine art, and many other things. It’s also possible to hire a crate for specific items that might otherwise be difficult to pack. We also provide a range of protective packaging, such as bubble wrap, antistatic packaging, security seals and colour tags.

You can arrange to collect your crate, but it’s just as easy to ask us to deliver them to you before your relocation. And we’ll discuss the best day to do this to ensure you have lots of time to pack everything. Furthermore, we have a Packing service available if you have a busy schedule or would prefer the professionals to oversee this.

Anthony Ward Thomas – High-Quality Removals and Storage in London –

It might take a little bit more time, but it’s worth the extra effort to find a company with an excellent reputation, offering high-quality removal and storage services. Anthony Ward Thomas has a superior range of packages which attain the highest standard of service delivery. Your valuables will be safe from damage or breakages at every stage of your relocation, and we can also arrange extra insurance coverage.

For us, everything we do stems from putting customer service at the forefront of each service we offer. It’s all about assessment and looking after the small details because they add up to a successful relocation. And at Anthony Ward Thomas, we leave nothing to chance and prepare and plan thoroughly for every job we sign up for.

If you’re looking for a high-quality removals or storage service in London, please contact us today. We’re London’s prestige removals company, and excellent customer service is our number one priority.