A Guide to Moving During the Covid-19 Pandemic

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As we transition into the next phase of the lockdown, things will start returning to normal, and that means it’s time to restart those moving plans. Although it’s not clear how things will go with regards to the easement of restrictions, you can still begin planning now. You’ll need to work out the best time to move because it can take several months to sell your current property.

The Anthony Ward Thomas team is keeping up to date with any changes to the current situation, and we always provide details on how we safeguard our customers and staff when we operate, click here for more details. We’re on top of things and can move you into your new house in London when the time is right.

How Relocations Work During Lockdown and Beyond –

We’re now heading into another stage of the lockdown where restrictions will gradually ease across people’s movement and how businesses operate. Although it’s worth remembering that this could revert to a stricter lockdown, should cases increase. Previously, there was an immediate impact where relocations stopped, which was then amended after it became evident frontline workers were having issues with moving.

Anthony Ward Thomas has kept a close eye on developments, allowing sensible levels of removals and storage jobs to continue. We were able to do this by having our own safety measures in place – more on that in the next section. All companies in London and the UK must adapt to survive, and we’re no different.

Ultimately, our duty is to provide the highest standard of customer service, and this includes the well-being of our customers and staff. Removals and storage is an incredibly important industry where people’s lives are at the forefront of why it exists. By using common sense, we continue to relocate people in London and further afield daily.

Regardless of what happens next, Anthony Ward Thomas will be on hand to relocate people in London. We now have experience of doing so at the height of the lockdown, so we understand how to undertake a relocation safely. By booking with us, you’ll receive the very best service delivery in London.

The Measures We Take to Keep You Safe During Your Relocation –

Although the lockdown easements will see more activity and fewer restrictions, Anthony Ward Thomas will continue to enact our COVID-19 Standard Health Policy. You can read more details about this here, but we’ll go over some of the primary points, in addition to highlighting the importance of them.

Our Standard Health Policy is our commitment to our customers and staff, to promote the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitisation, with a view of preventing any new infections of COVID-19. While we understand how vital a relocation is, it must always be done safely and within the guidelines set by the government, Public Health England, and the World Health Organisation.

Every member of our removal’s team will regularly wash or sanitise their hands, which includes prior to arrival and throughout the job. Anthony Ward Thomas kits our team’s with PPE equipment and hand sanitiser. We will also wipe down any surfaces or frequently touched objects with disinfectant wipes. Although it’s also worth considering booking us to undertake a deep clean of your property.

At times social distancing between our team isn’t always possible, due to the nature of the work. But we do advise that our customers arrange to unlock the property before we arrive and remain in a different room or part of the house while we work.

We’re also performing inquiries and bookings via online video platforms. Video quoting, via WhatsApp or Facetime, is how we provide quotes, but we are still able to conduct in-person meetings where necessary. These measures will help reduce any increased risk without causing any issues with the services we offer. We will always be available to discuss your relocation by phone, email, as well as via video conferencing.

Top Tips to Stay on Track While Preparing to Move in London –

Moving to a new home can be an upheaval that requires you to organise everything in addition to looking after your family. And that’s not taking your career into account, which is even more relevant to people who are working from home. That’s why it’s essential to start planning straight away. The earlier you begin to list and go through each item you need to do, the more straightforward everything will be.

The best way to ensure you can keep every stage of your move on track is to create a moving checklist. You can see our moving tips and list here. A moving checklist will be the blueprint for your successful relocation. This checklist needs to include a timeline that will highlight when you need to do each task by. It’s best to work backwards from your relocation day to now because you’ll know exactly how many weeks you have left.

If you manage to be vigilant with your timeline, you will give yourself plenty of leeway to tackle and rectify small issues that crop up. Every relocation is less stressful if you know what items you plan to relocate with. This is known as a home inventory list, and we suggest that our clients download an app to do this. It’s much easier to share your inventory for things like insurance, as well as sending to us to assist with our pre-relocation planning.

Need to Store for a Few Months? Our Self Storage Has You Covered –

There will be scenarios where you might need to put off your relocation for a few months. Typically, this occurred earlier in the lockdown where we were encouraging customers to postpone non-essential relocations. However, now that things are less stringent, we no longer lead with this advice and now try to schedule bookings to happen as soon as possible.

Moving home can cause some unforeseen situations and delays do happen for some relocations, regardless of how well we prepare for them. For anyone who experiences delay in moving-in, self storage offers a safe and secure way to store your possessions. Anthony Ward Thomas has four types of storage, which covers everything from household to commercial self storage.

Anthony Ward Thomas’s storage facilities have top-notch security measures, and every storage unit is built to safeguard your possessions. Our storage units have environmental controls which guarantee that everything remains in mint condition. Some of our customers store valuables in their unit because of the additional security measures we provide.

Removals for Household and Business Customers –

Anthony Ward Thomas has a range of removals and storage packages suitable for domestic and business customers. We have a primary set of services that cover most typical relocations and storage requirements. Our Small Moves package is a premium version of a man with a van service. And our Home Removals package covers every relocation size up from man and van.

Our Office Removals service caters to companies of all sizes, from SME to multinational corporations. There’s no limit to what size of business we work with, making it possible to complete any office or commercial relocation. Additionally, we work with clients from just about every business sector. And our entire office or workspace relocations include IT migration and related services.

And it’s not just London relocations – we regularly move people nationally every week. Through partner companies, we have access to depots throughout the UK. We also provide international relocations to people who are moving to Europe and other global destinations. Our range of specialist removals services includes Fragile Removals, Fine Art and Antiques, Piano Removals, as well as a dedicated Packing service.

Using Online Ratings when Choosing a Removals Company –

Before you book your upcoming removals service, you should take the necessary time to find a reliable company. London has hundreds of removals providers that are waiting to sign you up, even if they don’t have the expertise or equipment to handle your possessions. That’s why it’s essential to have access to previous customer’s feedback to compare each company’s standard of service delivery.

By using rating platforms like Google Live, Trustpilot and Facebook, you’ll be able to gauge the kind of service you’re likely to receive. If you’re not familiar with a rating platform, they work like this. A previous customer can go onto a company’s Google Live profile and give them a rating out of five. Then, they can also leave a comment to accompany their score. You can see Anthony Ward Thomas’s five-star reviews here.

One of the things that makes Anthony Ward Thomas London’s best removals company is our ethos. We will only accept the highest level of customer service for each job we take on. Our goal is to go above and beyond the expectations of each client we work with. And to reach that standard, we have a range of services and packages for our customers to choose from.

We work with experts who have years of experience and specialist training as standard. Every member of the Anthony Ward Thomas team understands that correct packing is crucial to preserving valuable and fragile items. Even the type of packaging materials we use is critical to maintaining the things we relocate. It’s this attention to detail that makes our customers trust us with their valuable belongings.

Anthony Ward Thomas – London’s Premium Removals and Storage Provider –

At Anthony Ward Thomas, customer service is of paramount importance to our company.  It drives everything we offer to our clients. One of the main reasons we attract so many customers is our dedication to providing a high standard of work. Our customers have exact packaging requirements for each item.  This means they need a specialist level of removals experience to ensure no damage occurs during transit.

The Anthony Ward Thomas team are experts who take a great sense of pride in their work. We provide them with the best tools and equipment needed to undertake any removals or storage job. Our company is BAR accredited, which gives our customers peace of mind that they have consumer protection and will receive excellent customer service.

If you would like more information on how to book a removal and storage service, please contact us today. You’ll have our assistance and support at every stage of your move