Anthony Ward Thomas, London’s Premium Removals Service

Posted on February 2, 2018 by Anthony Ward Thomas Removals
Anthony Ward Thomas, London’s Premium Removals Service

The thing that sets Ward Thomas apart from other removals and storage companies is the premium level of service our customers receive. They know that once they book with us, their possessions will move from their current location to their new house or apartment is perfect condition. That’s why we get repeat customers. When you use a company that offers the highest quality of service, you don’t need to shop around.

The clients we work with in London expect and pay for the best. That’s why our removals and storage packages offer a wide range of specialist removals features. If people want to move a grand piano, they contact Ward Thomas.

What Is a Premium Removals Service in London? –

People in London are known for expecting a high level of customer service. Unfortunately, although a lot of companies offer it, they rarely delivery a genuinely high-quality service. At Ward Thomas, we don’t just offer a good or excellent service. Our team will provide a premium level of customer service for every job we confirm.

A premium level of service all starts from the first contact. Even if you’re in the planning stages of relocation, we’re always happy to discuss our removals and storage packages. It can help you plan forward if you know what options are available. For example, you might be putting off your relocation due to a gap between moving dates. With storage, you would be able to move your moving day forward by renting a self storage unit.

Your possessions will reach your new home in perfect condition, and this is what our regular customers return for. They know that we look at individual items to make sure they have the right packaging. Fragile vases, fine art, large musical instruments and mirrors – they all have specific packaging and packing requirements.

We specialise in moving valuable and fragile items, and it’s no surprise that we only hire experts in removals at Ward Thomas. They need to know how to move something like a grand piano from a top-floor apartment complex. This sort of knowledge takes years to learn and master, which is why the Ward Thomas team can offer this as part of our premium removals service in London.

Always Choose Quality Over Discounts –

Our team have heard many horror stories of poor service from companies that offer big discounts. It’s not just things like these companies not turning up on time either. The lack of communication and being unable to get in contact with a senior staff member is just the tip of the iceberg. Companies were failing to turn up for hours on end and then rushing the job to make up for it. Damage to possessions in transit, as well as issues with furniture bashing into walls and doors, causing further damage. And to top it all off – hidden charges that weren’t given in the original quote.

A lot of these types of removals companies advertise on price comparison sites. And from the experiences that we know of, we would suggest avoiding them. For people who value their possessions, it’s worth every penny to book with a reliable company that sets the standard for customer service.

Ward Thomas caters for customers who often have precious items. It takes a specialist with years of experience to know how to pack a Ming vase to make sure it doesn’t encounter heavy furniture. Fine art can suffer just as much breakage from the incorrect packaging than impact damage. The only people who have this sort of knowledge can be found in two places. The first is the fine art auction houses and the second in the Ward Thomas team of experts.

Ward Thomas – The Very Best Removals Company in London –

If you want a professional removals service, Ward Thomas should be the only company you book with. Every customer that uses Ward Thomas knows that they are getting the best removals and storage service in London. The highest standard of customer service is the only thing that we consider to be acceptable.

The Ward Thomas team are all experts in removals and storage, and we have specialist equipment to move large and complex items. Our promise to our customers is that we will provide a service we would want to receive. We put ourselves in their shoes, and that’s how we create our removals and storage services and packages. It’s a simple concept. We want people to return to use our company, and we also receive a lot of referrals.

We plan every job by assessing it in detail; then we provide a quote. From there, we work with each client to make sure we work around their schedule. This also includes avoiding traffic and roadworks as well as allocating the correct equipment and vehicle.

If you’re planning your next relocation and you want a premium service, Ward Thomas is the right company for you. Contact us today, and we’ll walk you through our range of service.