AWT Cleaning – High-Quality Cleaning Service for London

Posted on August 16, 2017 by Anthony Ward Thomas Removals
AWT Cleaning – High-Quality Cleaning Service for London

There are times when our homes need a deep clean that needs a professional touch. That large family gathering for a special occasion or a dinner for your boss or a client and you’re determined to impress. You might be going away for a much-needed two-week break, and you don’t want to come home to a messy house. Or, your big move to a new home is next week, and the job is more complicated than you bargained for.

People who live in London have busy lives, and it’s difficult to find enough time to give the house or apartment a thorough top to bottom clean. If you have a full-time job as well as looking after kids and other responsibilities, it becomes difficult to make time to clean. That’s where AWT Cleaning comes in handy.

Cleaning Those Hard to Reach Places – 

Some things are too difficult to clean without assistance. No matter what you’re cleaning, if it involves you moving a heavy object or leaning around appliances, please get someone to help you.

Before you tackle your next house clean, it’s worth considering how much time it will take to do the job yourself. If you need to clean your entire house, and it hasn’t been done in months, you might need to take a couple of days to get it spotless. If you work full-time, that’s one entire weekend dedicated to cleaning.

At AWT Cleaning, we get into those difficult to reach places, and we tackle those difficult stains. We specialise in cleaning the grime behind the oven and under the fridge. There are no stains we can’t clean. The tricky limescale in the bathroom is our forte, in addition to those stains on the cream carpet.


100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee – 

Ward Thomas’s number one goal is to provide the highest level of service our customers. The only way to attain this is 100% customer satisfaction. AWT Cleaning is available every day of the week, and we accept urgent job requests. If you have a last-minute change of venues and your relative’s secret birthday party moves to your house, no problem. Give us a call and let me know what the details are. We’ll dispatch our team to start work straight away, and they’ll work around the clock to finish the job.

It’s essential to clean expensive carpets and rugs to keep them pristine regularly. Our team have state of the art cleaning equipment, and protection of the carpet is paramount. All our cleaning products we use are designed to safeguard delicate fibres as well as tackle tough stains and marks. We complete the job on time, and to perfection.


Ward Thomas – We’re London’s Number One Cleaning Service Provider – 

AWT Cleaning over 17 years’ experience in our industry. Whether it’s a spring clean or a thorough full house clean, our team of specialists will clean every corner of your house or apartment. We offer expert carpet cleaning and end of tenancy for people who are moving. It’s an excellent service that’s a must for all tenants, landlords and estate agents. Get your full deposit back or get your property ready for the market.

CWard Thomas created our cleaning service to offer our customers the best cleaning service for their home. Mostly, we put ourselves in our clients’ shoes. We wouldn’t want a poor cleaning service, so we created our own company with that ethos. Above all, every service we offer is one we would expect to customers – it’s that simple.

Anthony created Ward Thomas over thirty years ago after he struggled to find a company that could offer the level of service he needed. Since that time, Ward Thomas has grown from one just one van into London’s prestige removals and storage company. AWT Cleaning is now a proud part of this fantastic company. We can now offer our customers the highest standard of cleaning available in London.

Every job we undertake we guarantee it will have the Anthony Ward-Thomas seal of approval when we’re finished.

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