Moving Your Wine Collection

Posted on April 21, 2017 by Anthony Ward Thomas Removals
Moving Your Wine Collection

Almost everyone has something that makes their move a little bit more complicated than average. For some, it’s a grand or upright piano, for others it’s irreplaceable works of art. And for you, it could be a treasured wine cellar, especially if it counts among its contents exclusive items that were bottled many decades in the past. The question is whether you attempt to move it on your own, a strategy which comes tethered to one or two risks, or choose another option which could well come with hazards of its own.

If you’re doing your own packing and your collection is limited to an amount you can box up and put in the back of a car, then you’re probably safe as houses. However, if you’ve got a more extensive cellar and have hired a removals company, then you’ll need to consider a few things. What is the combined value of your collection? Will the moving company accept responsibility for damage/mishap? Does the company have actual hands-on experience with wine collections. 

London Wine Moving Service

Another option is to avail yourself of the help of a specialist wine relocation service. They do exist and although they may cost more, if you’ve got a large and costly collection that needs to travel a considerable distance, then they may make the most sense. They’ll have the right equipment, climate-controlled transit environments and insider know-how.

Some basic preparation never hurts when it comes to wine relocation, so try to get an up-to-date sense of how large your collection is as well as its total value. You may well need the help of a professional appraiser to get a precise valuation and even though that will cost money in and of itself, it’s something that could prove useful later on from an insurance point of view. Take into account how long the drive will be from your old house to your new. Cherished specimens of wine should not be left vulnerable to wavering temperatures, so look into the weather forecast, too. Soon, you’ll be all but ready to start packing the wine, so check back here soon when we’ll be blogging about the next part of the process and remember we can take care any of your London moving requirement, including your wine collection.