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What makes a good removal man or woman?

Posted on July 31, 2015 by Jake Bloch

This may seem like a blindingly obvious question to answer and for the most part that is true but as a leading London Removal company we are always looking to provide a better service than our competitors as we view this strategy as being absolutely key to our continued success.

So as a service provider our first challenge is to understand exactly what are customers are expecting of us and making them aware of all the services we provide which normally results in a fair and detailed quotation for the removal of a house or flat in London. All this sounds very simple but there are already two skills which are required which come under the same umbrella of being good communicators, both listening and talking and understanding in great detail what a customer wants and needs and making them aware of any limitations. Both parties will then have their expectations in the right place, where the price is correct and the chances of the home removal going according to plan are maximised. Consequences of a poor dialogue can be disastrous where removals take much longer than anticipated, being rushed to beat completion deadlines and a potentially bad day for both removal crew and the customer; the worst possible result from all perspectives.

We are looking for other qualities in our removal men. They need to have a very positive outlook, not overly optimistic but a positive attitude to problem solving sometimes called a “can do” attitude which helps our crews function as teams rather than a gang of individuals. This ethos is translated into practice by creating human chains during the loading and unloading process and working closely together is incredibly efficient.

We insist on all crews to very punctual as starting a removal late is the equivalent of getting out bed on the wrong side in the removals business. Having well rested an well turned out uniformed crews who have not had a late finish the day or night before all adds to the likelihood a successful outcome.

Naturally our removal crews need to fit and strong and the majority of our operatives are aged between 21 and 40 years of age although the more senior members of the crew will bring a wealth of experience and are often tasked with carefully packing of people’s most treasured and fragile items including specialised packing and crating of antiques and works of art.

So not much to ask for but a removal man’s job is hard day’s work and requires our people to embrace the ethos we have spent many years developing and will hopefully mean we keep our noses out in front as the best moving company to go in London.

Moving this summer? You may not be alone!

Posted on July 2, 2015 by Jake Bloch
Shepherds Bush Removals Company

The busiest time of the year for moving house is the summer and demand can often outstrip supply especially in the Capital. People considering moving house or flat will often hang on until the Spring before advertising the properties. There is a perception that gardens in flower and a greater sense of hope can filter down to achieving better prices for property.

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