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Moving Checklist

Posted on May 11, 2015 by Jake Bloch
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Moving house can be a head ache. There are all sorts of things to remember and some say it is as stressful as death and divorce. However, that doesn’t need to be the case. We can help you make the move as painless as possible by providing a simple moving checklist.

Advance to do list:

– Cancel and transfer home insurance.
– Notify car and life insurance of your change of address.
– Make sure utilities are transferred to the new address (TV, phone, internet).
– Round up utility bills (electricity, gas, council tax)
– Redirect your post.
– Have change of address cards sent out.
– Start the registration process of a new doctor if required.
– Book in the removal with plenty of notice.
– Have parking for the removal secured (we can organise that for you)
– Organise for a cleaner.
– Start packing, if the removal men are not packing everything.
– Start sorting out your possessions, what is going with you, what is staying, what is being thrown, given away, sold, put into store.
– Be familiar with your new home, parking, access requirements (the size of corridors and rooms. Will everything fit).

Lists and separate your belongings:

– List your main possessions, appliances, large furniture etc. and have a clear idea of where it’s going in the new home. Ideally label them as it will make the move easier.
– Label items if they are going into storage, being sold or thrown away. It helps to colour code between these different destinations.
– If you feel it’s necessary to have an exact list of what is in each box, number the box and write a list on paper with that number as a reference. If you try to list everything on the box itself it will be come unreadable.

It helps add to your moving checklist a small survival kit that you can pack for your first night in the new house or your last night in the old house, when everything is packed:
– Toothbrushes & toothpaste& general toiletries.
– Loo paper.
– Towels.
– Tea, coffee, sugar.
– Crockery and cutlery, one for each of the family.
– A change of clothes and pyjamas.
– Emergency toys and story books to keep the children happy.
– Takeaway menus.

Last minute to do list.

– Record all meter readings.
– Make sure you have keys to the new house. Ideally before the move as waiting for keys can be the biggest cause for frustrating delay.
– Check every nook and cranny for forgotten items when the house is empty.
– Switch off water, gas, electricity.
– And most importantly – make sure you have a good bottle of champagne to crack open in the new house!

It is best to start working through such a checklist early and planning the run up to the move on a day to day basis. And of course, while this moving checklist aims to be the holy grail, look for personal specifics to your move. You might own a giant sofa that you’re moving from your open barn conversion into a basement via impossibly narrow corridors. It is wise to use this removal checklist as a guideline and add to it whatever is relevant to your move.

Moving house can be a head ache. There are all sorts of things to remember and some say it is as stressful as death and divorce. However, that doesn’t need to be the case. We can help you make the move as painless as possible by providing a simple moving checklist.


Choosing the best London removals company

Posted on May 11, 2015 by Jake Bloch

If you are moving to the capital, or relocating within the city, finding the right house removals company to help with your move is going to be a high priority for you. As well as considering the cost of the removal, London residents also need to consider the capabilities of the company to do the job well. Experienced movers will be able to ensure safe removals of your treasured possessions, and a high quality removals service should be able to get everything done in your timescale. But how do you know if the companies you are dealing with are any good?

What to find out about companies offering removals in London?

• Company history: Has the company been set up in the last few months, or have they been around for some time?
• Testimonials: A reputable removals service should be able to provide feedback from satisfied clients, so ask for testimonials or a referral from a recent customer.
• Level of service: Will you be simply getting a man and van, or will there be a whole team of people to help with your move?
• Location: Is the company experienced with moving London residents? Do they know the city well enough to get to and from your properties efficiently?
• Insurance: Find out what their total liability cover is, and make sure it is more than enough to cover the value of your entire house of belongings.
• Availability: When it comes to removals London companies get booked up a long way in advance, so it’s a good idea to pencil in your date as soon as you have one.
• Price: Last on the list, price is certainly a consideration but should not be your most important deciding factor. Some of the movers London residents can work with will end up costing more because they take too long to do the job, or have to make two trips. Choose the best company with a reasonable price that fits your budget to ensure you get good value for money.