Emergency Removals

Posted on March 5, 2015 by Jake Bloch

Douglas Gordon, the well known London based estate agent had a call from an extremely anxious vendor just before Christmas having agreed to sell their large house, including an indoor pool, in the Boltons in South Kensington in one of the more fashionable parts of London for a considerable sum even by the Boltons standard. The vendors had decided to use an out of town removal company hoping to save a few pounds. By mid afternoon it was becoming increasingly clear to the vendors that the removal was going badly and they were not going to be able to vacate their house by 9am the next morning. With heavy contractual penalties looming the vendors contacted Douglas and Gordon in an act of desperation to see if they knew anyone who could rescue them from their dire predicament.

Anthony Ward Thomas as usual was roaming the streets of London on his bicycle going from house to house meeting and seeing old customers and arranging quotations when the hot line from Douglas and Gordon sputtered into a ring.

After a short conversation the Ward Thomas A team was scrambled, some of them already having a hard days work responded brilliantly to the call and by 6pm, twelve men and sufficient packaging materials were on site and they guys quietly set about the work.

By 6am the next morning all the trucks were loaded and on their way to the Ward Thomas storage depot in Park Royal.

Everyone happy although a little tired but another job well done.