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Ward Thomas Packing Tips

Posted on March 26, 2015 by Jake Bloch


Get rid of things well in advance. Offload on to charity shops, online auctioneers, car boot sales, street sales and – for goods no one wants – either recycle or throw away. Not only will you get some income, you’ll make your move a bit less bulky.

Anthony Ward Thomas Removals can deliver boxes in a variety of sizes, along with tape, bubble wrap and labels. Start retaining newspaper (good for wrapping fragiles and lining the insides of boxes). Of course, you could use the Anthony Ward Thomas packing service and save yourself the stress of this particularly job. One last thing to check: does your contents insurance cover you against breakages occurring during your move? If not, we can arrange it.


Unless you’re using the Anthony Ward Thomas packing and unpacking services, it’s unlikely that you’ll empty every box on the Day One in your new home. That’s why it’s a good idea to think of the things you’ll need upon arrival. Then you can label one or two of your boxes with the word ‘essentials’ and pack basic cutlery and crockery, snacks, nibbles, a kettle or coffee machine, and so on.

An overnight bag is another crucial thing to remember. Don’t forget to include a change of clothes, toiletries, loo roll, medicines, a notepad and pens, a torch and some miscellaneous tools.

When moving day comes, remember that boxes containing the things you least need should go on to the vehicle first.


Give yourself plenty of time to reflect on this. Some materials (DVDs, books) are straightforward but others (valuables, furniture) require attention. Fragile items need to be carefully wrapped and furniture often needs to be taken apart.

Give yourself a head start – packing takes considerable time and it’s also emotional, bringing you face to face with the past in the form of trinkets and photos. Having to rush just adds a heap of unnecessary anguish to the situation.

Start packing at the top of your property and work down. Attics first, cellars last. Distribute materials sensibly so that no single box is so heavy it can hurt your back.

Remember to label each box with: 1. Its contents and 2. The room in your new house to which it belongs. Indicate on the label if a box includes fragiles or if it’s sturdy enough to be able to be stacked underneath other boxes.

Important personal documents – marriage and birth certificates, passports, driving licenses – should travel with you as hand-luggage rather than in the back of the lorry..

Spring Removals

Posted on March 16, 2015 by Jake Bloch

Spring is almost underway and it’s the time of year when houses traditionally go on the market. As people’s gardens begin to blossom, their homes are considered more saleable and this is the principal reason for the trend. From Easter through to the end of October, the housing market goes into overdrive, with the peak period occurring in June, July and August. At Ward Thomas Removals, business increases by 50 per cent and we launch a recruitment drive to keep everything running efficiently, making sure we can take on all the extra removals, storage and moving work. Even with all this additional muscle, we get booked up very quickly, particularly during the end of a week and the latter part of each month – these are the most popular periods. So book us as early as you can and disappointment can be averted.

This year, we anticipate a change in the seasonal pattern because of the looming election; the market may well be a little subdued until it’s over. Prior to polling day, a sense of uncertainty pervades all kinds of businesses, removals very much among them. Potential buyers tend to hold back from large purchases until the dust has settled a bit and matters, such as the proposed mansion tax, have been resolved. As a result, our busy phase may be more condensed than usual, kicking off after the 7th of May. Nevertheless, once spring has sprung, we’d encourage clients to book their move in good time.

Chris Evans Breakfast

Posted on March 11, 2015 by Jake Bloch

Anthony made a guest appearance on BBC Radio 2’s Chris Evans Breakfast Show on the 6th March, not only as the father of acclaimed twin-sister country duo Ward Thomas (comprising daughters Catherine and Lizzie) but also to play an improvised drum solo to the delight of the production team and other guests. Anthony’s appearance starts about
two hours and twenty-eight minutes into the show. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b053zk82#auto

Financial Times Article

Posted on March 10, 2015 by Jake Bloch

Anthony recently spoke to the Financial Times’s Natalie Graham for the My First Million column. The interview traced the success story from its very beginnings thirty years ago, when Anthony founded Anthony Ward Thomas Removals with just £500 and a small loan all the way through to the market-leading status the company enjoys today, with an annual turnover of £22 million and clients including Boris Johnson and Cate Blanchett.

Anthony chatted about the state of the removals industry three decades ago: “The removals men were hopeless. They were swearing a lot and I actually saw them trying on my shoes! When the job was done several pairs of shoes and a jacket were missing. I then joined a well-regarded removals company in Camberley for a week, and my eyes were opened. Stealing was endemic, but the people were paid so badly it was almost supplementing their income.”

…and on what makes Anthony Ward Thomas Removals different to the competition: “It is simply doing a difficult, personal job just a little bit better than everyone else. We speak to everybody and we go and see everybody. What we do is almost the ultimate personal business. We must never lose sight of that. People’s effects may or may not be valuable, but to them they are precious.

We started off differently, too. All our guys wear high-grade cotton uniforms and leather shoes. Likewise, the vehicles are liveried and top of the range like Scanias and Mercedes.”

…his plans for the future: “I’ve got good guys, we are all good friends, why change it? I have plans for further acquisitions. I do different challenges that keep me going on various levels. This year I plan to pedal across the Atlantic on a customised boat for a multitude of charities, to be chosen by the people who will be sponsoring me. Another personal challenge I took up was the 1,000-mile horse race in Mongolia in August 2013. I was riding three different horses each day, over eight days. It was attritional, nothing like a holiday, but I’m glad I did it.”

Read the full interview here.

Emergency Removals

Posted on March 5, 2015 by Jake Bloch

Douglas Gordon, the well known London based estate agent had a call from an extremely anxious vendor just before Christmas having agreed to sell their large house, including an indoor pool, in the Boltons in South Kensington in one of the more fashionable parts of London for a considerable sum even by the Boltons standard. The vendors had decided to use an out of town removal company hoping to save a few pounds. By mid afternoon it was becoming increasingly clear to the vendors that the removal was going badly and they were not going to be able to vacate their house by 9am the next morning. With heavy contractual penalties looming the vendors contacted Douglas and Gordon in an act of desperation to see if they knew anyone who could rescue them from their dire predicament.

Anthony Ward Thomas as usual was roaming the streets of London on his bicycle going from house to house meeting and seeing old customers and arranging quotations when the hot line from Douglas and Gordon sputtered into a ring.

After a short conversation the Ward Thomas A team was scrambled, some of them already having a hard days work responded brilliantly to the call and by 6pm, twelve men and sufficient packaging materials were on site and they guys quietly set about the work.

By 6am the next morning all the trucks were loaded and on their way to the Ward Thomas storage depot in Park Royal.

Everyone happy although a little tired but another job well done.